Growth was on exhibit at Stockton University's Visual Arts Alumni Triennial, July through November 2015.

Growth consists of 3 vinyl action figures (children’s toys), acrylic paint, polyurethane foam and plexiglass. This piece is commenting on the unavoidable loss of childhood innocence. When a child becomes aware of adult topics like racism, sexism, language and body image issues their childhood innocence begins to be corrupted. These thoughts slowly overpower a child’s positive and innocent way of looking at the world. While the growths may seem uncontrollable and erratically enveloping the toys in front of you, I believe that loss can be harnessed by responsible choices made by a child’s role model.

Using polyurethane foam, each action figure has multiple growths developing on it, overtaking and overpowering the toy's outer surface and stability. Each action figure was painted with a single muted tone of a traditionally bright toy color which represents a small sample of the unique circumstance of the unavoidable loss of childhood innocence, every child has a different story. A gloss finish coats each final piece giving the illusion of a mass manufactured toy.

The message I am hoping to convey to the viewer with “Growth”, visual representation of loss, is to remind adults that they are responsible to preserve a child’s innocence as best and as long as they can.