Spring Hill College
NOW Exhibit and Speaker - Mobile, AL
Summer 2018

Seton Hall University
Guest Speaker & Critic - South Orange, NJ
2017 – Present

New York City College of Technology
Adjunct Lecturer Typographic Design II - Brooklyn, NY
2017 – Present

Caldwell University
Guest Critic - Caldwell, NJ
Spring 2017

New York City College of Technology
Guest Speaker Design Process - Brooklyn, NY
Winter 2016

Miami Ad School
Guest Speaker Mobile Design Patterns: iOS vs. Android - NY, NY
Summer 2016

Saint Peter's School
Guest Speaker Design Process - Point Pleasant, NJ
Spring 2016

Spring Hill College
Guest Speaker Design Process - Mobile, AL
Winter 2015

New York City College of Technology
Guest Critic - Brooklyn, NY
Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Cornish College of the Arts
Bachelor of Arts Degree Project Mentor - Seattle, WA - (Remote)
2015 Academic Year

Assabet Valley Continuing Education
Graphic Design Instructor - Hudson, MA
Feb 2013 – Aug 2013

Developing and implementing engaging and effective lessons for Graphic Design Basics, a continuing education course. This course is an introductory level course open to students interested in developing computer graphics and learning the basics of graphic design and aesthetic theory. Classes focus on developing a portfolio of work consisting of clear, communicative and attractive design work.